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Our classes will increase your flexibility, strength, posture, breathing, focus and energy level. They will also help you alleviate stress, stiffness, anxiousness, headaches, lower back pain, abdominal discomfort and other common health problems.


Each of our Yoga classes lasts about an hour and a half and includes:

  • Warm up to release your tension and prepare your body for exercising.

  • Stretching to increase your flexibility, strength and improve your circulation and alignment.

  • Breathing to exercise your body and clear your mind.

  • Energy and Brain Meditation to relax and shift your focus away from busy thoughts.

We offer a variety of Yoga classes:

Detox Yoga

When the internal muscles and organs in the lower abdomen are stiff the body's natural detoxification process will not function efficiently. Intestine exercises will help you become aware of any built up tension in your lower abdominal area, make it more flexible, increase its circulation, enhance its detoxifying functions and prepare it for proper abdominal breathing.


Bo Staff Yoga

This yoga class uses a bo staff (wooden stick) to help increase range of motion. Our meridian exercises with a bo staff will stretch your muscles while moving and rotating your joints gently and deeply with better balanced posture. As your body releases tension, your energy will flow more smoothly through your body's energy channels (meridians).


Bo staffs are provided.

3H Yoga

3H Yoga is deep abdominal, energy center breathing, also known as "Dahn Jon" (or Lower Chakra) breathing. Our method allows practitioners to relax deeply,  accumulate, circulate Ki energy in their body and achieve Healthy, Happy and Harmonious body . This class also includes meridian stretching.



Do-Ri (Brain) Meditation

Do-Ri Meditation is specifically designed to help relieve stress. When a body is tense and stiff, energy gets blocked and becomes stagnant. In this class, participants will release blocked energy as well as muscular tension.


Do-Ri Meditation helps you reawaken your natural healing abilities by awakening your brain stem and brings your body and mind into balance. Your brain stem is critical to your health because it controls automatic functions of the body. Rhythmic movement and focused attention will help you manage stress, rediscover your physical vitality, and enhance your creativity.


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