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At Body & Brain Healing, we focus on the health of your body, mind, spirit, and life energy, or qi, as all four are fundamental to our overall health.  


In our classes we integrate Korea’s rich 5,000-year-old history of:

  • Holistic healing and mind-body practices

  • Chun-Ji-In Tao philosophy

  • Principles of traditional Oriental medicine


In the Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Brain Meditation Classes , focus is placed on energy flow, vibration and breathing. Through consistent mind-body practice you will experience holistic healing and achieve a healthy body, happy heart and powerful brain. 

The Energy Principles behind mind-body practices


Body & Brain Healing uses three energy principles to explain the phenomenon of energy in relation to our body, brain, and environment. These three energy principles are indispensable components of our Body & Brain Healing practice

Principle 1 - Where the mind goes, energy follows

Energy follows the direction of your mind and ultimately leads to the creation of your physical reality. This principle reminds us to pay attention to what we are thinking and of the power of our thoughts to create and directly influence our lives as well the lives of others.

Our practice trains us to master our mind and to harness energy to manifest the life that we envision for our self.


Principle 2 - Water up, fire down

The optimal energetic balance and circulation in our body is a cool head, open chest, and warm abdomen. Unfortunately, under stressful conditions this natural balance is thrown off and reverses, causing us to become “hot-headed” and sluggish.

By learning simple techniques to manage our energy, we can keep the hot fire energy in our belly and cool water energy in our head. In this energetic state, we will not only be physically stronger but also mentally clear and feel grounded in any situation.


Principle 3 - Body, mind and spirit

While our body, mind, and spirit are not separate from each other, Body & Brain Healing helps us focus on each component to provide the required attention for our comprehensive growth and well-being. As we stabilize our physical energy, we will attain a clear mind and also a bright spirit.

Awakening Your Brain

 Body & Brain Healing activates the brain through establishing a deep mind-body connection.

First, by developing your capacity to feel energy you can quiet your mind of thoughts.

Second, by becoming one with the natural flow of energy you can unleash wisdom and insight about how the universe operates at a deeper level of reality.

Third, by practitioners regaining true mastery over their mind and body by learning how to manage their energy and brain effectively. 

Learning how to effectively manage your brain can change your life.

Chun-Ji-In Mu-Il Principle


Who are you? ....What is the purpose of your life?

The Energy Principles and Brain Awakening practices help you purify stagnant energy, change old habits, realize the true meaning of your life and living as a Chun-Ji-In. Chun means “heaven”, Ji means “Earth.” and In means Human, Together, Chun-Ji-In means "one who realizes the oneness of heaven and earth within the human form.”

By realizing Chun-Ji-In,  one can achieve Chun-Ji-In Mu-Il, it means the completion of one's soul. This is the goal of human life.


Chun-Ji-In Yoga, Tai Chi & Qi Gong originated from the spirit of Chun-Ji-In Mu-Il in the Chun-Bu-Kyung. Chun-Ji-In Mu-Il means Heaven Earth Human becoming One. Knowing that Heaven Earth Human is one means that all creation is basically one and filled with cosmic energy. Utilizing the Chun-Bu-Kyung philosophy and spirit, we will deliver this training to actualize this philosophy so that all societies can achieve health and happiness. Through traditional Korean energy training and practicing systematically using each word of the Chun-Bu-Kyung, the enlightened principle of every word can be awakened in our body and consciousness.


Our Vision and Mission
 Body and Brain Healing was created to bring the principles of Tao to the broader Ottawa community. 
There are profound Tao themes to meditate deeply about. Following the study and meditation of each theme, we practice energy training to experience the principle of the Tao with body, mind and spirit. 
To actualize the principle, we will engage in everyday-life activities involving our community, such as activities to improve our environment; volunteering with organizations that support seniors, students and marginalized individuals in our society; cultural and spiritual events to transform humanity; and, cooperate with non-profit organizations involved in improving our society. 
Actualizing of the principles will allow us to engage in healing Families, Society, and Earth. Body and Brain Healing is a healthy, happy and peaceful training. It will harmonize differences by transforming human consciousness.
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