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Regularly, at different times of the year,

Body & Brain Healing offers the following workshops to help deepen your practice. 

Introductory Workshops:
Member Basic Education Training

Member Basic Education Trainings are usually offered once a month and provide different exercises and direction to help members understand experientially the basics of body and brain healing. Member Basic Education trainings provide an opportunity to learn about the energy principles that are the focus of the regular classes offered at Body & Brain Healing.

Mini Self Healing Workshops

We offer a number of mini-workshops designed to familiarize you with the energy principles and philosophies which form the basis of your healing process. They will prepare you for the more advanced training programs that follow.

Awakening Courses:

Awakening Mastership

When we think too much, energy rises to our head and our body can easily become deactivated. This imbalance in our energy circulation can cause physical weakness and increased mental and emotional stress.


Through this workshop you will learn fundamental principles including the power of your mind and what is possible when you connect your mind to your body.

Awakening Mastership brings your mind to your Dahn-jon increasing your awareness of and sensitivity to your body and your understanding of the true benefits of Body and Brain Healing.

Awakening True Nature

Who am I?  What do I really want?

These are questions we all have asked from time to time. Have you ever really found the answer? Who are you? Mother? Husband? Manager? You are more than your family status, more than your occupation, more than your gender, more than your physical body, emotions and thoughts.


Through this training, you will be able to connect with your True Nature, the 'real you', underneath all the layers of emotion, preconceptions, thoughts and memories we mistake for who we really are. You will have the opportunity: 

 - to open your heart's energy centre (4th Chakra)

 - to go deep inside to discover and experience your True Nature 

 - to regain self-confidence

 - to eliminate negative habits

 - to achieve more harmonious relationships 

 - to discover what you really want for your life

 - to create inner strength and peace of mind 


 Awakening True Nature is the most precious of all the trainings.

Awakening True Life

In our first course in the Awakening Series, Awakening Mastership, we learned how to sensitize our body intelligence to recover physical mastership. We focused on fundamental principles that led us to awaken true health and happiness through our sense of mastership. In our second course, Awakening True Nature, we continued the journey of mastership by examining how we lost our sense of our true nature, and discovering the path of emotional mastership.


Now, in the third and last course in the series, Awakening True Life, we will learn how our physical and emotional mastership can take us to the next level, by harmonizing with others through the application of the benefits of this course. These benefits include but are not limited to learning how to:


  - Heal emotional scars from past experiences.
  - Grow in self-confidence, composure and inner peace and increase      

     the executive power to get things done.

  - Enhance the power to control emotions and manage stress.

  - Experience the state of No Ego (Mu-Ah) and awaken to the state of    

     pure existing.

Changing Courses:

Chun-Ji-In Yoga Instructor

The brain is the source of all life activity, and proper use of your brain is the key to manifesting your greatest life. In Chun-Ji-In Yoga Instructor Training, you will learn how to become the true owner and master of your brain. Learn the wisdom of energy, breathing, and meditation principles to control your emotions and access the infinite potential of your mind. Great insight and self-discipline are just a few of the benefits of this  workshop.

You will learn:

  • Learn principles to utilize your full brain potential

  • Develop discipline for self-management

  • Connect your mind and body through energy and breathing

  • Practice energy movement to experience deep inner peace beyond your thoughts and emotions

  • Purify your brain from past hurtful memories and negative thoughts 

  • Become equipped to teach Chun-Ji-In Yoga to others


You are much more than you believe, and the key to unlocking the secrets of your brain is knowing how to utilize your brain well. 



Chun-Ji-In Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor


Chun-Ji-In Tai Chi & Qi Gong is a basic training to build up happiness in life to achieve completion of the soul beyond just a successful life through changing body mind habits. This Chun-Ji-In Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor Training gives you precious time away from striving for success in your busy life so you can meet your true nature. Through this training you will find true value that will brighten your spirit, make your body energetic and stabilize your faith and confidence in your life. This will help us all to create a beautiful future for everyone who takes the training and those who come to learn from them.


Through this energy training, we work with our visible body, muscles skin bones, yin and yang principle, inside and outside of the body principle, front and back, empty and full, aligning the left and right hemispheres with their respective symmetrical parts and achieve brain balance. Continuing with this energy training we strengthen our joints following the rotation of the body that mirrors the rotation of the cosmos and we will recover the natural rhythm of the cosmos through joint exercises. The training method will teach the hand method, the foot method, the mind how to watch, and the whole body the way we see and the way we control our mind. Through that we will strengthen our muscles and sensitize our three energy centres. Through all this we will understand the principle of circulation and the practice will help us rediscover our true nature.


Envision how you can contribute to healing your community through sharing Chun-Ji-In Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Teaching others is a great opportunity for your self-growth and development.

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