Ottawa East End Location

1745 Montreal Road, Suite B,

Ottawa, ON K1J 6N4

613.746.YOGA (9642)

Ottawa West End Location

1673 Carling Avenue, Suite 215C,

Ottawa, ON K2A 1C4

613.727.YOGA (9642)

How Do I Start?

There are two ways to start at the Body and Brain Healing Centre:


1-on-1 Orientation Session and Single Class:  Special Price $18

An Orientation Session will familiarize you with the flow of our classes and give you an understanding of the benefits you will receive. Please allow 30 minutes for the session after which you will participate in your first class.  


Introductory Private Healing Training & Single Class:  Special Price $70

An Introductory Private Healing Training is a relaxing and comprehensive introduction to Body & Brain Healing after which you can choose the right membership for you.  

Private Healing Training is the fastest and most effective way to improve your whole health when combining it with the regular class.  The Instructor & healer will work with you to open your meridian pathways and speed the whole body healing process.

• People who can benefit the most:

- Those who want to know and understand themselves as deeply and detailed as possible

- Those who want to recover their self-healing power

- Those who want to improve themselves quickly to open up their potential and talents

- those who want to get intensive care

- those who have a desire to improve specific health problems, etc. diet, normalized blood pressure, and so on.

•Process of Healing Training:

This 50- minute private Healing Training checks your flexibility, balance, breathing, and stress levels. Get a customized practice plan that is tailored to your specific physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual needs.

1. Open meridian channels

2. Release daily stress

3. Recharge Chakras with new energy

4. Release old blockages (thinking, memory, conceptions, information)

5. Develop new energy to create active life energy​

Regular Class Membership Fees


Unlimited and Coupon Membership packages allow participation in any of the scheduled Yoga, Tai Chi & Meditation classes. The daily schedule offers a variety of classes.

Membership Discounts
  • Students under 30 with valid ID: 20%

  • Seniors over 65 with valid ID: 10% 

  • Family: 10% for additional family members

Additional Information
  • 13% HST not included

  • Unlimited and Coupon membership is transferable

  • Class schedule and fees are subject to change without notice