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Ottawa, ON K1J 6N4

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Ottawa West End Location

1673 Carling Avenue, Suite 215C,

Ottawa, ON K2A 1C4

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"I started to take classes at The Body and Brain Healing Centre in August 2012 after being diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2012. I was operated on in July and at that point in my life I had decided I needed to start taking care of myself. I had accumulated stress from a demanding job working as a Director in the Human Resources field. I was also holding back the grief from the loss of my mother, father and father-in-law who had recently passed away. I didn't know what to expect from this kind of yoga, but knew I had to do something.


I was immediately impressed with the kindness of the staff and members who made me feel at home. I began to notice changes in how I was feeling emotionally. Having yoga as a basis allows me to take better care of myself both physically and emotionally. All the good things I was excellent in preaching for others, I am now doing for myself: seeking therapy, exercising daily, meditating, eating healthily, spending time in nature, thinking more positively, etc. With yoga as a foundation, I feel I am in better control of my life thanks to the staff, members, and Master Kuam of the Body and Brain Healing Training Center who are very authentic individuals. "

— Rachel

"During my first class at the Centre, I felt ‘This is the Master I have been looking for all my life.’ So, I followed the instructions, practiced a lot and am receiving the rewards: so much more flexibility, strength, balance, energy and inner peace. It is an ongoing process: I want more..."

— Janine


"I enjoy so much all of the Body and Brain Healing Yoga and Tai Chi classes. The benefits are incredible in every way."

— Paulette



"The Body and Brain Healing Centre gave me a second breath and renewed energy. I come to the Centre 4 to 5 times a week for two and a half years for two reasons: the wonderful system of Yoga and Tai Chi exercises (the essence of ancient wisdom of the Korean people) and the very friendly and inspiring atmosphere made by Master Kuam and by all instructors at the Centre."

— Isabella


"After retirement, I needed to stay active and found that the holistic approach of the Body and Brain Healing Centre provided me with an opportunity to heal where healing is required. Physically I am stronger and have more energy. I no longer require chiropractic adjustments since I have a better alignment and improved balance. Emotionally, there is a peace inside brought on by a deeper understanding of who I am. I doubt I could find a better place to do energy work. Thank you Body and Brain Healing Centre."

— Nicole Fournier


"When I went for the first time to The Body and Brain Healing Centre, I met the owner Master Kuam Nim who was very respectful. My visit the Centre appealed to me because the premises are spacious and clean. So I signed a commitment of several months with the possibility of practising Yoga and Taï Chi every day of the week or the weekend. I live five minutes from the Centre.


I started with three times a week but the more I practised, the more I wanted to practise so I felt the benefits of various exercises not to mention the benefits of the mind through relaxation and meditation. At the end of each class we gather to share our emotions around an excellent Korean tea concocted by the Master himself.


Through the Centre not only have I found new friends but I received a higher education given by Masters (all the instructors are Masters) with Sylvie’s daily instruction. As it is a healing center everyone has the opportunity to follow his pace. I encourage you to become a will not regret it!!!"

— Elisabeth Chevereau