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Tai Chi

Each Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Healing Martial Arts class begins with specially designed warm-up exercises to open your joints and meridians and help correct the balance and alignment of your muscles and bone structure and prepare your body

for a natural build-up of energy.

Tai Chi


Chun-Ji-In Harmony Form.  You will learn three simple forms of Chun-Ji-In Harmony - Heaven, Earth and Human - to sensitize your energy points and activate your self-healing power. As you progress in our practice, you will also learn other advanced forms and movements to help deepen your Ki energy training. 


Qi Gong

Meditative Alignment Energy Walking. Balancing the Hip Joints and locating the DahnJon, Energy walking circulates energy throughout your body, keeping your hips balanced and your DahnJon at your center.

By stepping correctly, you can accumulate energy in your DahnJon and develop a sense for weight and energy distribution, which is the basis of Healing Martial Arts.

7 Basic Healing Stances. While circulating energy through different angles, even minuscule changes in angles allows blocked energy to circulate and also affects muscle relaxation and respiration rates.

Practicing breathing while performing movements that involve angling and then relaxing the fingers, wrists, knees, etc., allows even beginners to feel energy easily, and is also effective for training internal energy.

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