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Live Stream Zoom Class

Hello to everyone!

I am very happy to offer Live stream classes through Zoom

Body & Brain Healing offers Korean-style Yoga and Tai Chi classes that are energizing, fun and effective for all ages and physical fitness levels. A high degree of flexibility, balance, or strength is not necessary as you learn to trust your own body’s innate wisdom.

Body and Brain Healing Yoga & Tai Chi, Self-awareness, Workshops, Meditation, Stress Relief, Physical Fitness, Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Yoga Teacher Course

12 Meridian Healing Qi Gong.png

Rather than focusing on a strict set of yoga poses, Body & Brain Healing incorporates a wide variety of exercises that stretch your physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.  You will use your voice, body and brain to facilitate your blood circulation and energy flow for optimal health. 

 As you practice with energy, you will experience energetic shifts leading directly to positive lifestyle changes such as adopting healthier eating habits, or even quitting smoking. ​Our practice has many benefits, but we focus on creating a healthy body, a happy heart and a powerful brain.

"It has led me not only to release tensions physically through different exercises , but also made me understand my own body and mind" --- Ming

"From the first day at the Centre I felt gentleness, caring & compassion from each of the instructors. I experienced huge changes in my mobility that were noticeable after just 3 weeks of attending classes every day. I also started to feel much happier & joyful about being alive."...Dana

"If you're looking to get in touch with your spiritual side then this is the place for you. The teachers are incredibly positive and knowledgeable, and you're sure to find classes that are right for you."...Massil

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