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Chun-Ji-In Holistic Healing Training

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The Chun-Ji-In Holistic Healing Training Program focuses on restoring the natural flow of Qi (pronounced “Chi”) energy throughout the body. You will gain insight into how natural healing can help you improve not only the health of your body, but beyond, to having an integrated mind for a harmonious life.

This is achieved through a combination of Qi energy training and healing sessions with a Master Healer.

The sessions are based on the oriental philosophy of Qi energy and unity of heaven, earth and human.

We will use a variety of approaches to elevate the unique and unlimited healing energy within you.

The following strategies may be used depending on the needs of the client:


Physical Healing Training

These sessions improve Qi and blood circulation

throughout the body to relieve tight muscles,

strengthen weak muscles and correct posture using

stretching, acupressure, and other self-healing methods.


Energy Healing Training

An assessment of your energy will help identify

the energy state of your seven chakras, intestines, and

breath level. These sessions will open your meridian

channels and energy points, stimulate the energy flow in

your body, dissolve old tensions and help bring your body into balance.


Spiritual Healing Training

On your journey towards spiritual healing, these sessions can help you become aware of your life pattern and identify any underlying problems. By healing the root cause of problems, you can recharge yourself with pure cosmic energy and see a new direction in life.


Benefits of the Chun-JI-In Holistic Healing Training Program

• Enhance your natural healing power and strengthen your immune system

• Gain an experiential understanding of principles of optimal holistic health

• Create a step-by-step action plan towards a conscious remodeling of your lifestyle

• Detoxify and recharge your energy field

• Reduce allergy symptoms

• Improve your digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems

• Address health issues such as obesity, constipation and chronic fatigue

• Decrease stress, which will help reduce insomnia, stress-induced illnesses, anxiety and impatience

• Reduce frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines

• Learn methods to reduce age-related changes and diseases

• Eliminate bad habits and develop self-discipline

• Decrease depression and anxiety

• Improve concentration

• Become centered and balanced

• Increase inner peace and serenity

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