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Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) provides education to help people create positive changes in their lives to become leaders who are committed to making a difference toward peace and sustainability. ECO promotes the idea of "Earth Citizenship," which declares that we are all "citizens of the Earth," and therefore share a common responsibility for the continuity and well-being of our planet.


International Brain Education Association (IBREA) focuses on bringing Brain Education to students and educators in countries around the world. It envisions a world where we look beyond man-made boundaries of identity to find harmony and collective productivity for all. IBREA has Special Consultative Status at United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).


Tao Fellowship promotes the idea of "Sun Tao" or "human beings living in harmony with nature" as a universal principle of life. For this, Tao Fellowship operates a meditation retreat center called Sedona Mago Retreat that is surrounded by the majestic red rocks of Sedona, AZ. Sedona Mago Retreat is the primary location for most national-level Body & Brain workshops.


Change Your Energy is the platform where we share our video content of Body & Brain's exercises and principles with our online community. Our centers also utilize a bi-lateral video conferencing system on Change Your Energy to host live trainings and meetings for members. Change Your Energy also offers wellness guides and tips to promote healthy living of the mind, body, and spirit.



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